Roy Thomas Fielding Doctoral Dissertation

(2018), Identity construction during bridge employment PDF Cole, Rachel Amelia Clark (2018), Beneficial contribution of health behaviors to learning and related brain mechanisms in older adults PDF Connell, Rachel (2018), Knew religion PDF Connolly, Margot (2018), Lingering PDF Cooney, Ashley L.

(2018), Integrating viral vectors as a gene therapy approach for cystic fibrosis PDF Cosandier, Charlène Lisa (2018), Essays in applied microeconomic theory PDF Cossette, Adam Patrick (2018), The early history of character evolution in alligatoroids PDF Costa, Allison Hainline (2018), A study of magnetic fields in HII regions using Faraday rotation PDF Cotten, Nicole (2018), Fool's gold PDF Coulthard, Daniel A. (2018), Subduction initiation and igneous petrogenesis: characterizing melt generation at a new convergent boundary through the geochemical analysis of volcanic glass PDF Councell, Catie (2018), Killing the goose PDF Cover, Mathew Brian (2018), Cognitive-model-driven pilot attention for commercial airline scenarios PDF Crary, Thomas John (2018), Prevalence of dental anomalies in cleft affected subjects and their family members PDF Creel, Hunter (2018), The one in front of the gun PDF Cruz Corchado, Johnny (2018), Causes and consequences of crossing over variation in Drosophila melanogaster PDF Cummins, John (2018), The saxophone music of Thierry Escaich PDF Cundy, Lance Deloyce (2018), Essays on the elasticity of intertemporal substitution PDF Cushing, Emily Malcolm (2018), Regulation of plasma triglycerides by ANGPTL4 and GPIHBP1 PDF Dahl, Rachel A.

(2018), Perinatal supplemental oxygen alters the relationship between the hypoxic ventilatory and vasoconstrictor responses PDF Hornick, Emma E. (2018), Contributions of NLRS to pathogenic and protective immune responses during influenza virus infection PDF Houdek, Matthew (2018), Common sense racism: the rhetorical grounds for making meaning of racialized violence PDF Hughes, William Edward (2018), Dynamics of skeletal muscle blood flow and vasodilation with age PDF Huizinga, Nathan (2018), Association between occupational injury and early termination of employment among manufacturing workers PDF Huq, Sikder Rezwanul (2018), Locally self-adjusting distributed algorithms PDF Hu, Yue (2018), Rebuilding the Tower of Babel: language policy and political trust in China PDF Hwang, Jihyun (2018), Bridge the gap between cognitive attributes and mathematics achievement: which cognitive attributes for mathematical modeling contribute to better learning in mathematics? (2018), Quinazolin-2-yl-guanidines for treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders and the oxidative preparation of N, O-acetals linked to the amide bond of peptides PDF Isaak, Sophia (2018), Seven dreams in color PDF Jackson, Lisa Marie (2018), Ocean views: women's transnational modernism in fiction by Elizabeth Bowen, Hagar Olsson, and Katherine Mansfield PDF James, Thomas David (2018), Discrete IP3 signaling requirements underlie acute and chronic forms of homeostatic synaptic plasticity PDF Janechek, Nathan Joseph (2018), Atmospheric modeling and experimental characterization of gas and aerosol phase cyclic volatile methyl siloxanes PDF Jardine, Nicole (2018), Surface structure and saccadic control PDF Jareczek, Francis Josef (2018), Mechanistic bases for the adverse interaction of nicotine and chronic pain PDF Jarjour, Riad (2018), Clustering financial time series for volatility modeling PDF Jayalath Mudiyanselage, Sanjaya Dilantha (2018), Surface adsorption of natural organic matter on engineered nanoparticles PDF Jiang, Yuanyuan (2018), Full-body joint action in pedestrian road crossing virtual environments PDF Johns, Adam Joseph (2018), Development of electrospun polymer nanofiber mats for removal of uranium from aqueous systems PDF Joshi, Apoorva (2018), Trajectory-based methods to predict user churn in online health communities PDF Jo, Sung (2018), Targeting MSH2-MSH6 heterodimer in treating basal-like breast cancer PDF Jung, Youn Soo (2018), Essays in health and labor economics PDF Kapoor, Somya (2018), The role of cellular redox imbalance, ER-stress, and autophagy in adaptation of metastatic melanoma to MAPK pathway inhibition PDF Karunaratne, Kalani Udara (2018), Probing the methylene and hydride transfers in flavin- dependent thymidylate synthase PDF Kelchen, Megan N. PDF Ibrahim, Sherif M. (2018), Topical treatment of infantile hemangiomas: in vitro evaluation of novel beta-blocker formulations and in vivo characterization of lesional skin PDF Kelpsch, Daniel J.

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To browse dissertations and theses by academic department or program, please go to the Research Unit, Center or Department page. PDF Chiou, Jing-Fu Jeffrey (2018), Using Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching to cultivate a Classical performing musician’s professional mindset PDF Choi, Jinah (2018), Conditional standard errors of measurement, confidence interval, and reliability for individual level student growth percentiles PDF Christensen, Samuel James (2018), Adolescent skeletal and dental changes with rapid maxillary expansion PDF Chu, Feng (2018), Validation of a Lagrangian model for laser-induced fluorescence PDF Clinger, Jayson C.(2018), Breakthrough analysis for filtering facepiece media and respirators with activated carbon PDF Clough, Sharice (2018), Co-speech gesture integration in hippocampal amnesia PDF Cockburn, Bethany S.If you would like to grant this permission to the University Libraries, please use this form.Theses and dissertations will be digitized as time allows and will not become immediately accessible.(2018), Unraveling the genotypic and phenotypic complexities of genetic hearing loss PDF Bozorgzad, Ashkan (2018), Laboratory evaluation of eco-friendly additives for warm in- place recycling technology PDF Bradley, Scott (2018), A kingdom Jack'd PDF Braun, Patricia Rose (2018), Genome-wide DNA methylation investigation of stress: from a mouse model of chronic stress to humans exposed to glucocorticoids PDF Bricker, Christine (2018), Vernacular geography and perceptions of place: a new approach to measuring American regional and political subcultures PDF Brightbill, Kathryn (2018), Do analyst teams issue higher quality forecasts?Evidence from analyst reports PDF Brockbank, Wyatt (2018), Bilingual families and information and communication technology at home PDF Brouwer, Janelle Leann (2018), Relationship between self-efficacy perceptions of the principal and collective teacher efficacy perceptions in four midwestern states PDF Brown, Samantha Danielle (2018), Sociopolitical development and career interventions: comparing two conditions of a career intervention with rural middle school students PDF Brunette, Amanda M.Our metadata for full text, open access theses is available for reuse through OAI (in simple Dublin Core, qualified Dublin Core or an ETD specific format).Our policy regarding Use and Reuse of UI Libraries Web Content, including metadata, is here.Jason (2018), The effects of competition on choice PDF Benhardus, Nellene (2018), British literary decadence and religion PDF Bentz, Bobbi Buckner (2018), Retention of international medical graduates participating in the Iowa Conrad 30 program PDF Berrizbeitia, Ana (2018), Invariants of HOPF actions on path algebras of quivers PDF Berumen Cantu, Jorge Alberto (2018), Kinetic picture of ion acoustic wave reflection using laser-induced fluorescence PDF Betancourt, Catalina (2018), Persistence heatmaps for knotted data sets PDF Bigsby, Kristina Gavin (2018), From hashtags to Heismans: social media and networks in college football recruiting PDF Biswas, Sampurna (2018), Structured & learnable regularizers for modeling inverse problems in fast MRI PDF Black, Ellen Marie (2018), Assessing the impacts of native freshwater mussels on nitrogen cycling microbial communities using metagenomics PDF Blake, Anastasia V.(2018), X-ray absorption spectroscopy studies of metal coordination complexes and investigations toward novel Actinide/Lanthanide separation methods PDF Bon Durant, Lucas Donald (2018), Regulation of glucose homeostasis by FGF21 PDF Booth, Kevin T.


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