School Uniforms To Wear Or Not To Wear Essay

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A comparison essay is dedicated to description of similar and different features of two or more objects.

It can also depict the contrast of two opposite items.

Can you think of some of the types of jobs or other activities that require uniforms? Firemen, for example, wear suits that help protect them from the heat of fires. Their uniforms can help them stay clean in an environment where they frequently if a doctor was wearing a white coat or shorts and sandals?

You probably check the weather outside, so you'll need to know what to wear that day. Uniforms come in all sorts of different sizes, shapes, designs and types. Their uniforms can also help them do their jobs better.

Uniforms allow these students to fit in without worrying about whether they have the latest fashions.

Another area where uniforms are important is in the world of sports. Soccer players need shorts, cleats and shin guards. Uniforms in sports help athletes stay safe and perform their best.

Some students may not think their uniforms are as “cool" as other modern fashions.

Other students might feel like uniforms hinder their ability to express themselves through their clothing choices.

Look outside to see what the weather's like in the world around you?

Uniforms are also an important part of military service.


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