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For instance, a statement corresponding to MT Deut is repeated in the Septuagint just before Deut (the verse immediately following the song), while the phrase ᗗאזה (“this song”) in MT Deut seems to correspond to חאזה הרוחה (“this torah”; τοῦ νόμου τού του) in the equivalent section of LXX Deut .

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My reason for including Xenophon, a pre-Hellenistic Greek author, is that his account of King Cyrus's last words has been connected to a Persian narrative tradition centered around the testament of a dying king to his successors.

See , the proverbs are presented as part of the story, although admittedly there is variation with regard to their precise position within the narrative.

Nowadays, contrary to the educated literate elite of the early and medieval days of the Christian church, and thanks to modern technology, the common reader can have easy access to paper and electronic translations of the Bible in many languages.

Traditional forms of commentary have then shrunk for practical reasons in their scope and prominence but are detectable through the range of translations available for comparison.

For a review of the evidence placing Deuteronomy's composition in the seventh century, see there are three possible connections between texts that are thought to be related: one text may be directly influenced by the other; one text may be indirectly influenced by the other through an intermediary; both texts may stem from a common source or tradition.

I believe that the second and third options better suit the similarity between , who concludes that “it was…probable that the Demotic writer was also familar with the Ahiqar story, and that his own introductory narrative owed something to it.” Although these two texts came into existence long after the composition of both Deuteronomy and Elephantine that in Egyptian instructions what the teacher transmits is not simply his own point of view, but is often officially approved by the god of wisdom or the king or both. This motif resembles the description of Israel's future treachery in Deut –18, but it appears in a literature created under the direct influence of deuteronomic theology and literary form, including the Song of Moses.I would argue, therefore, that the frequent appearance of this motif in the and other early Jewish and Christian testaments reveals more about the literary influence of Deuteronomy and deuteronomic theology on later Jewish and Christian literature than it does about the appearance or role of this motif in Deuteronomy 31 itself.In Egyptian literature, then, the classification “instruction” seems to indicate only the function of the text so introduced, not its form or medium.If the same is true of the term “instruction” (הרוח) in ancient Israel, then perhaps its use in Deut –26 is meant merely to indicate the function of Deuteronomy 32 as a teaching, while the word “song” in Deuteronomy –22, 30 is meant to indicate its form.The question of Bible translation has generated political and ideological dispute since Jerome’s first attempt to consolidate the various Latin and Greek texts available in the fourth century into one vulgate and continues to generate considerable interest and argument today.The tradition of commentary grew primarily as an aid to interpretation and exegesis, but later functioned also as a justification for translation strategy, or a presentation of alternative readings.Deuteronomy 31 seems somewhat confused regarding who recites the song.According to Deut 32:1 Moses recites the song alone whereas according to Deut Moses and Joshua recite the song together.The juxtaposition of the terms ῔ריש and הרוח in Deut –30 is noted frequently but has not yet been satisfactorily explained. Although there is no explicit indication that the narrative has reverted its attention back to the ῔ריש, the contents of Deut –29 seem to allude to the contents of the song at several points.Whatever its solution, the problem cannot be considered independently of the larger issue of this chapter's redactional development—a subject of considerable controversy (see n. Adding to the confusion is the ambiguous expression “these words” in Deut , which may refer either to הרוח in v. Deut , “call heaven and earth” corresponds to Deut 32:1, “Give ear, O heavens.…


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