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But, he says, he initially got involved with the club to pad his resume, "not really to make a sustainable world."What truly sparked his interest in sustainability was a sophomore-year engineering class whose name he now forgets.

(Nor does the class's professor, Sarah Gille, remember Chung.

The woman's forearms are crosshatched with jaguar and puma claw scars; sometimes she wears snakeskin-patterned Lycra pants.

At least one government official refers to the woman as an "enemy of the people" for her anti-dam activism.

She now lives in Boston, where she hauls her groceries by bike trailer, plays the sax for fun, and was recently promoted to be the director of climate resilience and education programs at Second Nature, a nonprofit that makes higher education more sustainable.

She's proudest of her work with the American College and University Presidents' Climate Commitment, wherein 700 schools have promised to pursue climate neutrality on campus."The distinctions between these subjects are really artificial, just a creation of western academia."Brylinsky went on to study with the seminar's business instructor, David Saiia; together, they promoted sustainable business practices in Ecuador.Nevertheless, she chose not to pursue a degree in business or in science.The team's hydroelectric generator will power a UV filter to provide 150 families with 720 gallons of clean water per hour. It wasn't much more than a series of line charts from a 2001 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report. Their lines were fire engine red, and they rose fervently up, up, following the perilous trajectory of greenhouse gas concentrations and surface temperatures. King, the former chief scientific adviser to the British government: "In my view, climate change is the most severe problem that we are facing today--more serious even than the threat of terrorism."Eight years later, Brylinsky reflects on that presentation with the same intensity she felt back then: "That day, I had this realization that if I couldn't devote myself to ensuring that there would be a world in which I could play my music, then it really wasn't worth making music at all."Brylinsky had arrived at Ithaca College, in New York, intending to be a music major, alto saxophone in tow.Sometime after that, Chung will head home, and then he'll . Her first semester, she happened into that seminar, which had a name as big as its scope: Sustaining Our Worlds: Connecting People, Prosperity, and Our Planet.The goal, according to James Rothenberg, the sociology professor, wasn't just to teach sustainability but also to encourage students to make cross-disciplinary connections."No one of these disciplines has the answer [to the climate crisis]," Rothenberg says.New College chemistry professor Paul Scudder says, "He really took an interest in every single student."One hot day, he showed Matola how oysters collect on the aboveground roots of red mangroves. Tugging at droopy seedpods, he said that they made fine cigars. She had already noticed his passion in the lab, where "it was like all the cells were his friends." Watching Morrill in the wild set her on fire.That day in the mangroves, Morrill said something to the effect of "You know, there's enough food here to survive off this land." Matola took the comment as a challenge.Since 2007, its signatories have collectively reduced their CO2 emissions by 25 percent--and they offer a total of nearly 10,000 courses focused on sustainability--some of which feature Power Points.In the tropical savanna of Belize, in a stone house, there lives a woman with an owl and a crocodile.


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