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Paul Chernyak is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Chicago.

He graduated from the American School of Professional Psychology in 2011.

From addition to fractions, decimals to percentage, you can find a wide array of math problems right here.

What if your child could be taught place value with the help of diagrams?

Now there’s a fine line between scaffolding learning and providing a crutch.

The key is always encouraging students to try something that is just outside their comfort level, which is called their zone of proximal development.Their mathematical thinking is not stagnant, but fluidly moving through different levels as they experience more and more problems.Teaching students different strategies to solve problems helps them see new, more efficient strategies that might resonate with them.They are much more motivated to work during math than I ever was growing up.I have given students entry points into the problem and allowed them to approach it at their level, tackling it with the foundational skills that they know and understand.We want students to solve problems correctly and efficiently.Teaching different strategies will help them see different ways to solve problems and students will gravitate to the way that best meets where they’re at.I have empowered students to do math because I have taught them a variety of strategies to add to their toolbox.I teach multiple strategies to solve math problems because it: See the resources that I use in my classroom to teach students different strategies to solve math problems.We always want to push our students to go one step further, not too hard, but just enough that encourages them to learn more. I wasn’t motivated to work in math because it was boring.Do you have those students who just don’t like math? However, I have found that by teaching students multiple ways to approach problems, and then stepping away, just a little bit, that my students will dive into the problems and start exploring.


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