Sportsman Spirit Essay

A supportive home crowd can actually inspire and elevate the players to victory.Leander Paes’s performance in Davis cup and India’s success over Pakistan in the quarter-finals of Wills World cup at Bangalore would testify to this fact. Volatile crowds can make the otherwise indefatigable champions lose simply because they could not perform their best in hostile conditions.

In order to attain hitherto unattained standards of excellence, the players sometimes resort to ungentlemanly, though not always unlawful behaviour.

The nobility of a game has been lost, as victory is all that matters and participation in an event is not enough.

Sports sans sportsmanship is a war, a combat, where winning is an end in itself.

If sports encourages the development of a fine character, sports sans sportsmanship encourages outbursts of foul and animal instincts.

Most players regard themselves as countries personified and the playground as a “Kurukshetra” where the esteem and honour of their motherland has to be kept high.

Sportsman Spirit Essay

However, if the patriotic sentiments of the players move towards their extreme, the game becomes a little less than a war between the two nations.

The nature of spectator involvement is also probably the same.

Violence, however, in the modern context is the result of the solid perversion of the desire to win.

Fairness, generosity, courtesy and decorum have given way to doping, bribing, ball tempering in the case of cricket, widespread drug use, undignified behaviour and abusive and condescending attitude towards fellow players.

A game today is not played in the spirit of the game.


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