Sq3r Reading Approach Thesis

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The question will also make important points stand out at the same time that explanatory detail is recognized as such.

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Robinson (1906-1983) was a professor of psychology at Ohio State University (OSU).

During World War II, droves of army personnel were sent to colleges and universities to attend intensive training in skills relevant to winning the war.

Because it can sometimes take several pages for an author to get to the meat of her argument, scanning also enables you to understand what the author is building up to when you sit down to read the piece in its entirety.

Scanning reading is not a substitute for reading and students who choose to only scan can end up with major comprehension issues.

Missing even a single qualifier can dramatically change the meaning of a passage.

Scanning can also sometimes establish some preconceived notions that may be incorrect.

The key to this and other learning systems is repetition and then monitoring comprehension.

The method involves reviewing the material several times and determining, through the use of your study guide, what you do and do not understand prior to moving on.

Then expose each major point and try to recall the subpoints listed under it.

Begin by reading the introduction or, if there is none, the first couple of paragraphs. Glance at any charts, graphs, diagrams, or pictures. The goal of this step is to get an overview of the material and develop a sense of the progression of ideas.


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