Starbucks Research Paper

This focus on increasing geographical presence somehow leaves the focus on customer satisfaction, product improvement, profitability of the business and sustainable competitive advantage at the back.

The Starbucks experience got lost in its race to jump in the coffee business and do all that its competitors were doing.

This facility has not only benefitted and pleased the current staff at Starbucks, but has also helped in getting a better pool of recruits at every hiring process.

The social media campaigns led by Starbucks are also very effective.

Extensive geographical presence seems to be an important objective at Starbucks.

To emphasize the significance of this attitude it is enough to cite that only in the year 2007, Starbucks had launched 2571 outlets around the different cities of the country.

One such campaign is the launch of Starbucks Instant Coffee.

The product was introduced to the social media by a video that showed a Wall street Journal reporter interviewing customers coming out of a Starbucks outlet.

The product will sell, if people realize that the company cares for them and streamlines its operations according to the customers’ demands and preferences and not according to the business choices made by senior management or the board of the company.

Similar to the social media trend is the trend of smart phone applications.


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