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Compared to organizations with low agility, where only 56% met their business goals, 40% finished on time, and 45% finished within budget.

75% of highly agile organizations met their goals/business intent, 65% finished on time, and 67% finished within budget.

You can analyze them against the translation memories and the Live Docs corpora, and find out how much you actually need to work, considering the resources you already have.

You use the Compared to translating the text from scratch, you need to work less on a segment if there's a translation memory match - in theory.

If the segment is 10 words, you count 5 words for that segment.

Counting this makes sense only if your project has at least one translation memory or Live Docs corpus.

Large projects are twice as likely to be late, over budget, and missing critical features than small projects.

A large project is more than 10 times more likely to fail outright, meaning it will be cancelled or will not be used because it outlived its usefulness prior to implementation.

Inserting these tags in the right places can be a lot of work. Normally, memo Q counts words like Microsoft Word does.

In the past, when Trados 2007 or earlier (Trados Translator's Workbench) used to be a dominant translation tool, it was important that memo Q could produce similar word counts - so that translation companies could compare them. Use the Trados 2007-like word counts After you set all the options above, you can run the analysis. This may take several minutes or even longer, depending on the size of the project, and the resources you are using.


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