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According to MADD, they "urged the nation to adopt its eight-point plan to jump-start the war on drunk driving"."Of the general driving age public, 98 percent see drinking and driving as a threat to their personal safety, and 86 percent feel it is very important to do something to reduce the problem," (Gallup Organization, 2000).

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The social condition that has been established and confronted is the fact that underage drinking and the percent of accidents involving drivers under the influence has gone up.

MADD is determined to turn this condition into a social problem.

If you feel your child's DUI may be the result of a serious alcohol abuse problem, talk with your family doctor.

A referral to a psychiatrist or mental health counselor may be necessary to treat the problem.

Make sure that they know it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to drive with any trace of alcohol in his or her body.

Lay out the possible consequences of being caught driving drunk, including serving time in jail, losing his or her driver's license, being denied acceptance to college or worst of all, being involved in a fatal car crash. You may consider developing a parent-teen driving agreement to set and enforce these rules and expectations.

Therefore, as of November 21, 2002, MADD has decided to propose a new campaign as part of their incessant effort to abolish drunk driving, "Get MADD all Over again," in order to raise awareness and enhance the efforts to control this problem.

MADD was founded in 1980 in order to support the victims of drunk driving incidents.

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