Sushi Restaurant Business Plan

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Do you have an eye on hosting large events from the local business sector?Is there an ethnic population that will be drawn to your niche?

To simplify the selling process and ensure a smoother sale, consider working with a broker.

Professional business brokers not only have valuable industry knowledge, but they also have access to exclusive pools of buyers who may be interested in your sushi restaurant.

At the very least, everybody at the top levels of your staff should have worked in the restaurant trade before.

You’ll also want to mention outside consultants you work with here – graphic designers to print the menu, architects to design the restaurant, etc.

With 30 years of experience bringing buyers and sellers together, you can rely on your Sunbelt broker for a successful business deal.

Find a Sunbelt office near you to get started on selling your sushi restaurant today! John was a Division President at Progressive and subsequently became the CEO of a New York based private equity investment company.The last step to selling a sushi restaurant is placing the business on the market.To list your sushi restaurant for sale yourself, consult popular listing websites or consider using paid online advertising.With new, exotic plates and classic favorites, more Americans are beginning to expand their pallets and add sushi to their list of favorite cuisines. To successfully sell a sushi restaurant for top-dollar and in optimal time, keep these steps in mind.It is important to receive a proper business valuation from a third-party to determine the true value of your sushi restaurant.This part is going to vary depending on what niche you’re pursuing.A fast-food burger stand needs little more than a drive-up window, while an upscale eatery might include a wine steward and a sous chef.Your restaurant business plan should include: Describe here why the world needs your particular brand. This is the “elevator pitch” summary, where you need to be especially persuasive.Include your core dishes, pricing, and a breakdown of costs.Often times, the emotional attachment that owners feel towards their business can cloud their judgment of what constitutes a fair price.Receiving a formal business valuation from an impartial entity is the best way to determine an equitable asking price.


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