Teaching Students To Think Critically

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Creating this documentation is so time-consuming that much class disruption goes ignored or uncorrected.

The unintended consequence of a focus on standardized tests, a tolerance of absenteeism, a lack of discipline and a curriculum too crammed with mandated material to allow time for in-depth study is a lack of critical thinking.“Imagine students conditioned by years of these tests that attempt to brainwash them into thinking that every question must have a right answer, trained to accept the framework they’re given rather than thinking outside it and resist the indoctrination of believing whatever they’re taught.” Frank Breslin in Huff Post The above quote reminds us that it’s not just a disservice to students when we aren’t teaching them to think critically. Young people who haven’t learned to think for themselves are easily indoctrinated.

While this might sound good in the abstract, in reality, it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort.

Imagine a teacher doing all these things for 10 students who aren’t making a C.

These are extreme examples, but all you have to do is examine social media to see that there is already a massive amount of groupthink that precludes civil discourse.

Our children, on social media much of the time, are exposed to hate-filled comments, refusal to consider a diversity of opinions and dangerous discourse that encourages hatred and violence.

Any attempt to teach critical thinking falls victim to the sheer magnitude of effort involved in catching kids up.

Another problem is the amount of time spent on class discipline.

School subjects underwent a major change under the Nazi regime, with a strong nationalistic approach rife with anti-Semitism.

Biology became a study of different races to “prove” that Nazi belief in racial superiority was sound. Students weren’t taught to think for themselves but were fed the propaganda that would brainwash them into supporting Hitler.


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