Technology Friend Or Foe Essay

For instance, man would fall sick, take lunch breaks and need sleep.Needless to mention stealing a few minutes for social media interactions which when compounded result in shocking hours of non-production. Some would even go to as far as postulate that there will be over-reliance on machinery which would lead to redundancy in mankind as they will lose ability of simple tasks they were performing after having handed all responsibility over to a machine or computer.

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There's no doubt about it - video games are a permanent fixture of modern life.

As such, they have both positive and negative consequences for those who play them.

On the other hand, the machine is a non-stop-keep-going mechanism which means that there is more production and increased efficiency.

While experiments are still underway for several technical advancements, risk is rife for some dangerous feats of these experiments. Encyclopedia of sustainability science and technology.

There are countless advantages to the inception of AI as a technological advancement thrust.

There is need for an improved life-style all around and when human beings have mastered the art of programming electronics and machinery to carry these out, there can be boundless tapping into more innovative activities thereby leading the world to performance improvement and production increases which may very well lead to economic booms. Artificial Intelligence is expressed as that state where a machine can understand its environment so much that it has an ability to respond through action and so perform in the same spheres of the cognitive human being whose ability premises are based on a reaction and causative enterprise upon their immediate environment in the causal philosophy postulations,(inforbarel, 2017).In this regard, Artificial Intelligence, AI, is the advent of a machine-run human world and this has several implications both on a negative and positive inclination.Following from Moore’s law, each increase in transistors per each dense integrated circuit will result in improved efficiency each two years, therefore the abilities of the machines and computers can only be increased, (Batten and Pere, 2006).Developing AI is an on-going phenomenon and the results are predictably improving with time following the ambitious pursuits of mankind.Disadvantages of AI Next to technological ambition follows economic growth concerns. For the most part, when a machine can then do all or most of what man can do there is less for man to do, (Meyers R. From an employer’s perspective, there is need to downsize and so lay-offs are inevitable. Di FX: A Software Correlator for Very Long Baseline Interferometry Using Multiprocessor Computing Environments. This will lead to rampant unemployment and many families may suffer economically. Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 119(853), pp.318-336. Such are the concerns of many so that the advent of a technologically advanced era always faces much resistance to implement because several people would be affected negatively. With a smarter machine industry, there is room for newer and more improved technologies as there is less labouring over routine activities. When a machine has been programmed, it is able to further the task goals and this it would do with a considerably higher speed therefore leaving room for the human being to try out other tasks and technologies, (intel, 2017).


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