Teenage Pressure Essay

Bulimia and anorexia nervosa are rare before the age of ten.

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Ninety per cent of these involve breaking into buildings, theft of property or other vandalism.

Most people get involved in crimes such as shoplifting, joyriding, vandalism or arson just for the thrill of getting away with it.

The use of cannabis, Ecstasy, Heroin, Cocaine, LSD and amphetamines is illegal at any age.

Although drugs are easy to get hold of nowadays, and many people think they should be legalised, taking them involves breaking the law. If you are found in possession of more than a small quantity, you risk more serious charges of ‘possession with intent to supply´, or dealing.

In 1957 girls accounted for only one crime in eleven.

These days girls commit more than one in four of all juvenile crimes.If it is found to be addictive, particularly if tempted to do it alone, it may be a sign of depression or unhappiness.Some adolescents especially females become so concerned about weight control that they take drastic and dangerous measures to remain thin.Some overeat and then force themselves to vomit to avoid gaining weight.This pattern is associated with an eating disorder called bulimia.Teenagers often steal things they don´t even want or need.Usually these crimes are committed without thought or planning, and repeated only occasionally for a period of a few months, until the excitement begins to wear off.The influence of friends who smoke is the main reason teenagers start, although you are also more likely to start if your parents do.Cigarettes, like alcohol, are an acquired taste but over eight per cent of people who smoke in their teens become permanently hooked.This can cause trouble when applying for a job or a university and can affect your chances of getting in.If the risks are so high, then why do people do it?


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