Telemedicine Business Plan

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If the intent is to enable the rendering of care through prescribing, a review of theshould be undertaken.The viability of a telehealth venture often depends on the payment model which the practice is engaged in with insurers.

Examples include;​As these tools become more available, it is increasingly important to assess the needs of a practice and its patients prior to implementing​​ a telehealth service.

Establishing a broad-​​based support team is essential to the successful identification, development and implementation of the program.

Following are key team members: Once the team is formed, the team should establish/utilize a checklist of activities required before launching.

And the regulatory landscape regarding telehealth is continuing to change and evolve." You should also understand how to protect the telehealth technology that you put in front of patients, said Heather Alleva, a healthcare attorney also with Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney.

"Whether you are a developer of a health-related digital platform or a clinician who wants to utilize new technology with your patients, you will need to work with and contract with other parties before patients can interact with the telehealth technology," she said.


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