The Best Journey Of My Life Essay

The Best Journey Of My Life Essay-18
This was one of the best train journeys of my life.We took to the top berth after having the delicious biryani our mother had cooked for us.I tried to convince them each year I saw the notice about these school trips pasted on the notice board but they refused.

As we parted, we exchanged our phone numbers and promised to keep in touch. My maternal grandparents lived in Kanpur and we stayed in Delhi.

We always travelled via night train to reach Kanpur.

This is the only means of transport that allows you to sleep comfortably during the journey. I can comfortably sleep in the train during my journey and wake up fresh and head to work during my official trips.

One of my most memorable journeys by train was when I travelled from Delhi to Lucknow last year. During this train journey, I met a group of college students.

Trains are one of the best transport options for commuting long distances.

Low fare, punctuality of time, and ease of travel make the journey by train, both economical and comfortable.She also convinced my father and he gave the written consent along with the amount that had to be deposited for the trip. Few of my close friends had also got consent from their parents and we were super thrilled about our trip.I was not only excited about visiting Jaipur but also about the train journey.A journey by train is among the most enjoyable journeys.I travel long distance quite often and have travelled via buses, trains as well as aeroplanes.One also gets the taste of local cuisine as it is served by the vendors in the railway stations and wagons.The journey is also entertaining as you can interact with fellow passengers from different regions and linguistic backgrounds.A journey on train also offers exclusive view of the landscape and culture as the train passes through the countryside.In journey across the states, one gets to see latter’s traditional dresses, agricultural crops and culture.We visited them twice a year and I really looked forward to this trip not only because I loved meeting my grandparents but also because I really loved the train journey.My sister loved it as much and together we had a lot of fun.


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