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) The question about "I have a good opinion...": I think you mean "reputation". I must confess that I find it difficult to choose just one of the multiple choice options.It could have been helpful to put the various motivations in order, starting with the most important down to the least. PS: I recommend you add the final "s" to "asses ", otherwise you might cause some amusement among our transatlantic cousins PS: Also, in the Yes/No questions, I sometimes find myself looking for a Don't know / Not applicable option.The link to my survey is here: https:// Thank you very much in advance, and I wish you a beautiful day! and do let us know about the result in a forum here at so that we can see what goes around out there.

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This was —”“Treat me,” I interrupted, “as if I don’t know Greek,” as, in fact, I do not.“The prefix means ‘turn.’ ‘Many’ or ‘multiple’ could suggest that he’s much turned, as if he is the one who has been put in the situation of having been to Troy, and back, and all around, gods and goddesses and monsters turning him off the straight course that, ideally, he’d like to be on.

Or, it could be that he’s this untrustworthy kind of guy who is always going to get out of any situation by turning it to his advantage.

Department (TSD) of Tyumen State University at Pennsylvania State University.

The Translation Journal is in an online journal for translators and interpreters and friends of the industry.

It could be that As Wilson spoke, I recalled a little formula by the American critic Guy Davenport about the difference between Homer’s two poems: “The ‘Iliad’ is a poem about force; the ‘Odyssey’ is a poem about the triumph of the mind over force.” Wilson was parsing the nature of that triumph, embedded in the poem’s very first adjective, a difference in mind that would make for a difference in Odysseus’s nature, both as a warrior and as a husband.“So the question,” Wilson continued, “of whether he’s the turned or the turner: I played around with that a lot in terms of how much should I be explicit about going for one versus the other.

I remember that being one of the big questions I had to start off with.” does also mean ‘husband,’ and I could’ve said, ‘Tell me about a straying husband.’ And that’s a viable translation. But it would give an entirely different perspective and an entirely different setup for the poem.

ate in August, as a shadow 70 miles wide was traveling across the United States, turning day briefly to night and millions of Americans into watchers of the skies, the British classicist Emily Wilson, a woman of 45 prone to energetic explanations and un-self-conscious laughter, was leading me through a line of Ancient Greek.

“,” Wilson said, in her deep, buoyant voice, pointing to the fifth word — πολuτροπον — of the 12,110-line epic poem that I had come to her office at the University of Pennsylvania to discuss.

I put "undecided" once because I couldn't just put a straight yes or no, context would have been needed (well yes, I'm a translator after all!

) The question about "I have a good opinion...": I think you mean "reputation".


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