Thesis And Falun Gong

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“I have better relationships, a lot of my anger is dissipating.

I’m doing unselfish things that I didn’t do before,” noted drummer Sterling Campbell.

In New York alone, dozens of practices are organized throughout the city daily.

FOLLOWING FALUN GONG On a bone-chilling spring morning in Manhattan, spent time with followers at three different locations where practitioners ranged from elderly ethnic Chinese gathering in Chinatown to Wall Street types in Battery Park City.

With up to 70 million followers, the Chinese government outlawed the religion and thousands of devotees were arrested and killed, and many were also targeted by the illegal organ harvesting trade in China.

The show is a compilation of traditional ethnic dances, ballet renditions of Chinese folk lore, and operatic and instrumental acts.As advertised on its website, Chinese ballet, run by the Falun Gong religion, draws attention to the persecution the group faces in China, with a few backflips and fan dances thrown in.Falun Gong is a relatively new religious movement that gained popularity in China in the 1990s.The persecution of Falun Gong members also has strained relations with the United States, which granted residency to Li and refused to extradite him to China to face trial.A MATTER OF SIZE Ironically, the crackdown has helped spread word of the practice beyond China’s borders, although the size of Falun Gong support base remains in doubt.By MATILDA BOSELEY,politics editor In Australia, propaganda is seen as a relic from yesteryear and something we rarely see, apart from the occasional overly dramatic Defence Force ad.Perhaps this is why it is so jarring when – a performance of traditional Chinese dance currently touring Australia – transforms into an overt thesis on the Communist persecution of the Falun Gong religious group.“After I learned these exercises, I don’t feel tired, I don’t suffer from fatigue,” says Feng Ching, a research fellow in biochemistry at Sloane Kettering hospital. It reduces stress,” says Scott Chinn, the software engineer who works on Wall Street. I’m a much more happy person, much healthier,” says Sterling Campbell, the drummer.Chinn also is the vice president of the New York Falun Dafa organization, set up to highlight the human rights violations against the movement in China. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT The three have embraced a practice that has spread rapidly from China to 40 countries in less than a decade.The movement’s Web sites and brochures give prominent play to claims that Falun Gong has 100 million practitioners, which would rank it fifth in size among the world’s top religions, below Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism — and above Sikhism and Judaism.Scott Chinn, who explained that the 100 million estimate came from a Chinese government sports minister, disputes the categorization among religions, insisting that there is no formal Falun Gong organization. A check through the news weekly’s roster of reports reveals a story on Feb.


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