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Rebecca Henderson and George Serafeim discuss the impact investing efforts of GPIF, Japan’s government pension fund.

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Mobile payment apps help us keep track of shared costs but may also frustrate personal relationships. Open for comment; In the new book Fintech, Small Business, & the American Dream, Karen Mills describes how technology is opening up new capital for entrepreneurs.

Around the corner: The transformative benefits of AI and big data.

Outside directorships of bank directors and the extent of CEOs also being Chairman also remains the same.

However, there is some evidence of better risk oversight both from managers and the board.

The secret is to avoid common areas of study and venture into the emerging business segments.

These three areas will help you come up with original topics for your paper.More and more nontechnology companies are adopting digital technologies like AI, data analytics, and machine learning.This study of the economic performance of nontech firms adopting new digital technologies finds a persistent future increase in valuation.With new technology emerging on daily basis, you have an opportunity to explore incredible ideas regarding technology and its effect on finances in your thesis. Entrepreneurship has attracted the attention of learners and investors as inventors stir the world of finance with simple but revolutionary ideas.Financing entrepreneurs is a sensitive issue especially regarding split ownership of such businesses.Consumer inertia is the tendency of some customers to buy a product, even when superior options exist. Mac Kay discusses how that habit affects competitive strategy and even regulatory oversight.Open for comment; Since the 2008 financial crisis, bank boards have not improved their cultural or gender diversity compared to other companies, nor are they better qualified than before the crisis.Even the wealthiest admit to loosening their guards at one point or the other.With more people interested in finding solutions to personal finances, you have an excellent opportunity to provide solutions through a thought-out thesis on personal finances.Online sellers in many emerging markets are in the early stages of a shift from cash-based payments to digital payments.Findings from this study of a leading Indian online retailer show that firms may enjoy gains from consumer demand on top of operational gains resulting from payment digitization.


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