Thesis On Human Resources Management

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Human resource management seeks to eliminate the meditation role and adopts a generally unitarist perspective.

It emphasizes stra…Continue Reading » 65 pages | 361 engagements | 9.

In most human behaviour, human being will advertently go through some elements of stress.

For example, when we subject ourselves to time, pressure or urgently engage in complex and difficult problem solving processes, we.. PROBLEMS OF HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT AND THEIR IMPACT IN ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE » ABSTRACT This project is focused on the problem of Human Resources Management in the Ecobank Nigeria Plc, Asaba.

Entrepreneurs are bold me…Continue Reading » 65 pages | 405 engagements | 13.

THE ROLE OF MOTIVATION AND JOB SATISFACTION IN IMPROVING THE PERFORMANCE OF ORGANIZATION » CHAPTER ONE BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Motivation refers to those process that influence the arousal, strength or direction of behavior for example depriving oneself of good for a long time results in increase in the strength of your tendency to approach food.Most human resource managers are of the opinion and view tha…Continue Reading » 65 pages | 411 engagements | 16.EMPLOYEE WELFARE PROGRAMME IN NIGERIA (NITEL LIMITED) » CHAPTER ONE 1.1 BACKGROUND ON THE SUBJECT MATTER NITEL The Nigeria Telecommunication Limited (NITEL) come into existence in January 1985 as a result of the merger between the former Nigeria External Telecommunication limited (NET) and the Telecommunication, sector of the former Post Telecommunication Department (P&T), by the Federal Government.It has a wide range of products to include Star Beer, Guilder, Maltina, Amstel Malta, among several others.The development of the company has been as a result…Continue Reading » 65 pages | 471 engagements | 11.In order t…Continue Reading » 65 pages | 558 engagements | 8.THE ROLE OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PROMOTING INDUSTRIAL HARMONY » CHAPTER ONE INTROUDUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study Human resource function becomes recognized as a central business concern sequel to its ability to integrate employee welfare and organizational objective and effective communication into strategic management.It is believed that both the individual and the organization need to know how well, actually performance is contributing to the accomplishment of the job plans, the starting plan and ultimately the overall strategic grand plan of the …Continue Reading » 65 pages | 834 engagements | 5.THE RELEVANCE OF HUMAN RESOURCE IN TODAY’S BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT » CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION Central to the growth of any organization be it private or public, manufacturing or non manufacturing firms, it is the effective acquisition, utilization and maintenance of the organization’s human resources.According to Davidoff (1987) it is an internal state that may result from a need.It is to be revie…Continue Reading » 65 pages | 541 engagements | 14.


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