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Once you have the width and height of your header determined it is time to create/optimize your images that you intend on using.

For our purposes of this tutorial the size of our image/header is 857 pixels wide, and 150 pixels high.

If you have an easier/simpler way to do this, please share!

We are always open to more efficient approaches—who isnt? You want to be logged into the admin area of your website, Once logged in you want to proceed to the gallery management tools near the bottom of the left hand side of the page: You want to select Add Gallery / Images from the menu choices.

In Photoshop you want to select Image/Trim You should now have a much tighter logo/type that still has the shadow present.

You want to select File/Save For Web and Devices Once presented with the save dialog window you will want to set the following parameters for your file.Select your logo/type layer then select the layer/layer style/drop shadow inside the menu options of Photoshop.Adjust the settings to your liking and you should see a drop shadow from your logo/type on top of the image.Once you are happy with the shadow its time to save out the logo/type image.You should turn off all image layers so that you only see your logo/type and shadow.Now that the background images are created and uploaded into NGG, and your logo/type image is uploaded via FTP its time to get busy with the custom.css, custom-fuctions.php, and NGG settings.The method presented below is our “hack” to making this combination of plugins and technology work.If you look at the set of tabs at the top of the screen you will see an Upload Images option. You need to click on Choose File and proceed to navigate to all your images and upload each one.Once you have all of the images listed, you should then select the proper gallery from the pulldown menu where it says Choose Gallery in the pulldown menu.Once all images are turned off and the only layer turned on is your logo/type you should see transparency behind the image.In Photoshop—you should see the checkerboard pattern—it should look like this: With only the logo/type layer displayed you will want to trim out all the uneccessary image data.


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