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If your reader somehow isn't convinced after reading your paper, the conclusion is the last chance to get them on your team.

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Without transitions, your words would sound extremely choppy, and it would be hard for the reader or listener to make sense of what you're saying.

Transitions are just as critical when writing and for similar reasons.

While it is important to be concise and direct in your opening paragraph, and in fact you may even choose this "cold water" approach if it fits your essay's purpose, there is much to be said for keeping your reader interested by easing them into your main point.

An introduction should hook, or engage, readers and give them some insight into where you'll take them.

But because transitions often come effortlessly when speaking, writers need to actually be aware of adding transitions when putting together an essay, since those connections aren't always so obvious.

Without a transition word or a transitional phrase, your writing would not flow nicely, and the reader may not understand why you're suddenly going from one idea to the next.

These sentences are all related to a common theme or idea. Some paragraphs make argumentative claims, and others might narrate a fictional story.

No matter what kind of paragraph you write, you can get started by organizing your thoughts, keeping your reader in mind, and planning carefully.

Most people write or speak in transitional phrases without even realizing they do it.

For example, you use words and phrases like in basic conversations every day.


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