Triz Problem Solving Examples

Triz Problem Solving Examples-42
Sony alone introduces about 50 new products every year!!

Sony alone introduces about 50 new products every year!!

This directly results in improved product at reduced cost, Indian industries have been primarily borrowing technologies from West and Japan.

However, there are three main difficulties, TRIZ can help, in all the three cases, with quick results using fewer resources, to maintain a competitive edge and hold the market share.

He defined 39 basic properties and 40 principles for solving problems containing contradiction in any two-of-39 properties.

This he gave in the form of a contradiction table of size 39 x 39 with each cell giving up to 4 principles (and examples from patent data base), that may be used to eliminate the contradiction.

Further he found that the same fundamental solutions were used over and over again, often separated by many years.

Triz Problem Solving Examples

He reasoned that if latter inventors had the knowledge of earlier solutions their task would have been simpler.Yet, TRIZ is apparently the only technology based systematic methodology that overcomes the "psychological inertia" and produces a large range of solution concepts.The stress is on finding innovative solutions concepts, from other engineering fields, that utilize available resources.The very things we cherished in the past are likely to be the hindering (mental) blocks.Specialist training, habits, paradigms, the working environment and (last but not the least) human nature, constrain our innovative thinking.He perceived that there is a definite pattern in the way innovations take place in technical systems.He started a study of 200,000 patents to look for the basic principles and patterns in the world's most innovative patents.This course introduces all the main TRIZ tools : Ideality and IFR, Problem formulation and Functional Analysis, Use of 40 Principles to solve contradictions, Use of S-curves and Technology Evolution trends, and Use of extended knowledge-bases.The introduction to each TRIZ tool is followed by a few examples from the knowledge (patent) database and at least one case study where a real problem has been solved by applying the particular TRIZ tool.In recent times, it has become apparent that corporations who seek innovative solutions to engineering problems are able to maintain a competitive edge in the world market.The techniques of optimizing and perfecting existing products have now been applied widely and thus are neither able to help in keeping the leading position nor launch new products to create and capture new markets.


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