Ways To Start A College Essay

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So don't wait until the last minute and remember to seek out help! Find a story or time in your life that illustrates something you're passionate about. Don't be afraid to talk about challenges that you've overcome--don't be afraid to talk about sincere things you still struggle with. Bounce some ideas off a couple people who know you best. Answers that begin with phrases like “ever since I was three years old,” or “I can remember dressing up as a fireman when I was five,” or “for me, the first day of kindergarten was the scariest day ever.” It is overly sentimental, in the first place, and probably a bit of an application cliché (even though these memories are for you rather dear, remember that counselors probably read similar scenes all day! You want to portray yourself a promising young adult, about to start making the first steps toward independence and adulthood; this involves creating a persona for yourself wherein you are disciplined, eager for challenges, proven in your abilities, etc.

Ex: if you're a child of immigrant parents and you struggle with cultural identity--it's totally fine not to know where you stand. They might be able to point you towards something significant in your life that 10 minutes of thinking overlooked. When you create a scenario wherein you are perceived as a child who is “playing” at being in the world (and probably still in diapers), you risk creating the exact opposite impression: immaturity, unpreparedness, and emotional instability.

Making a bold statement is a suitable tactic for someone who has a very clearly defined thesis, knows exactly how she will argue for her thesis and most importantly, feels very confident.

A bold statement opening the first paragraph of your essay is wise idea, as it will definitely grab the attention of the reader; however, you must absolutely make sure that your arguments and supporting paragraphs maintain your statement. For example, you could disagree completely with the point of view posed by the essay question or discount a commonly held belief about a character in a novel or play. She attended the High School of Performing Arts in dance before receiving her Bachelor of Arts in literature and her Master of Arts in Russian literature at the University of Chicago. Petersburg, Russia, where she lectured and studied Russian.

There’s always that chance that your reader could recognize what you’re sharing.

And if they have even the slightest suspicion, the answer will always be just a Google search away.

Use your available space to give the necessary details. Some students try so hard to be creative, or to entice the reader with a sense of intrigue, that they sacrifice clarity.

If your reader is one paragraph in and thinking, “I don’t have a clue what this student is talking about,” you’ve moved from arousing interest to creating confusion.

The key of an anecdote is that it should do more than just amuse and interest the reader, it should directly connect to the thesis that you seek prove.

You should be able to use a good anecdote as a springboard leading you to your main argument, regardless of whether or not the anecdote agrees or disagrees with your thesis.


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