What Does The Thesis Of A Research Essay Communicate

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This is an excellent topic for a thesis because there have been many studies done on this issue.

This is an excellent topic for a thesis because there have been many studies done on this issue.A student should have no problem finding and citing several relevant studies.However, copying without proper citing is forbidden and will be considered plagiarism.

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On the other hand, people also suggest that online communication is only improving the state in which people live in, and it is just a matter of time when there will be achieved a great balance between real-life and online communication.

What is sure to say is that social media has definitely affected face-to-face interaction in a lot of cases, yet it is up for anyone to make their own decision if this influence is negative or positive.

But, in order to earn the degree, a student must first complete a thesis.

Consider five possible topics for a Master's in Communication thesis.

Also, as technology improves, this topic is starting to have an effect on society as a whole.

A master's student writing on this topic has the opportunity to interview teenagers to get their thoughts on this subject and learn how they establish relationships in this technological age.To the question of whether social media destroys real human relationships, eighty percent of the people on answered “yes,” and only twenty percent chose “no” (“Does Social Media Destroy Real Human Relationships? People are sharing their opinions that using phones makes people ignore what is happening around them, and online interaction cannot replace face-to-face communication.There are quite a lot of reasons why people think that social media is affecting real-life communication negatively, yet it has not destroyed it.One of the arguments against excessive use of texting and online communication is the fact that children will not be able to develop verbal skills and emotional intelligence. Kate Roberts, a Boston-based school psychologist, is an owner of such an opinion, and she blames technologies on the increasing amount of people who have problems with face-to-face communication, saying that “it is like we have lost the skill of courtship and the ability to make that connection” (Johnson).She is also highly concerned about children’s brains changing because they use an easier method of communication, through online media.These are not the only negative consequences of increasing use of social media.People who text tend to use verbal language less, which could decrease language skills and make it harder to build a structurally correct sentence (“The Negative Impacts of Social Media on Face-to-Face Interactions”).What also needs to be addressed is an increasing problem with social media addiction, which might be more harmless than smoking or drinking, yet it still profoundly impairs the quality of life, and makes it harder to not only communicate in real life, but also perform other essential actions like working, driving, or even eating.Ordinary people tend to have different opinions even when they are not considering scientific studies, though it is evident that the most popular belief is that online communication is, in fact, harming real-life communication.Some studies speculate that a human brain can only handle a friendship with a limited amount of people, about 150 people to be exact (Chesak), which could resonate negatively with social media’s friend groups having no limits.Due to the excessive amount of friends online to communicate with, people could find themselves having not enough time or energy to spend on real-life friends.


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