Why Do I Want To Be A Police Officer Essay

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Detectives and special agents work in regular clothes. Special agents work for Federal and State agencies. One officer may have to do radar while anther may have to drive around and make sure none is breaking the law. One day they might be doing traffic tickets anther day they might have to break up a bar fight or be involved in a high-speed chase. They have many daily routines depending on the officer.

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Before I graduated from Hartnell, I became a reserve deputy with the Monterey County Sheriff’s Department, working weekends and at special events.

After Hartnell, I was accepted to Fresno State but decided to put my education on hold to pursue my career.

I visited friends in Acosta Plaza and in the Sanborn-Garner area.

My family was typical; on both sides, I had grandparents from Mexico who came here to work in fields and packing sheds. I also loved TV police shows like Dragnet and Adam 12 .

Most police and detectives work at least 40 hours a week. Because police work is a 24-hour-a-day job, some police have to work nights and weekends. There main duty and responsibility is to enforce the law and make sure that we live in a safe environment.

There are many duties and responsibilities of a police officer.

Unfortunately though some people are just unscrupulous, and will be corrupt no matter how much education and training is provided.

These people do not have any place in police work and need to be removed from their prospective forces as quickly as they are identified as troublemakers who will not change with training.

We hear a lot these days about rifts between police and the communities they serve. I thought it might be helpful to offer my story as someone who comes from both worlds: I’ve devoted a career to policing the community where I was raised.

I am a deputy police chief in my hometown of Salinas.


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