World War One Imperialism Essay

World War One Imperialism Essay-15
Germany had ambitious expansion plans and wanted a large empire.However, Germany had entered the race for colonisation too late and much of Africa was already conquered.However, the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in June 1914 was the trigger of the war – the immediate cause.

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Imperialism did have some impact on the causes of WWI.

One example of this would be the Second Moroccan Crisis of 1911.

Other major factors such as the alliance system played a bigger role in bringing about World War One.

For example, the creation of the Triple Alliance between Italy, Austria-Hungary and Germany in 1882 led to Russia being excluded and eventually joining a ‘dual entente’ with France whom later joined up with Britain to form the Triple Entente in 1907.

France had sent in troops to Morocco in order to help the Sultans government, however, Germany saw this as a threat to Moroccan independence and sent in a naval boat; the to Agadir.

Germany then demanded compensation from France in the form of the entire French Congo.However, Britain stood up and Germany backed down, only receiving small strips of the Congo.Germany was humiliated publicly and diplomatically. This was important as it showed the strength of the entente and Britain had supported France once again, which Germany did not anticipate.Imperialism is when a country increases their power and wealth through means of obtaining additional territories outside of their established border.Imperialism was a factor to an extent leading up to World War I. Introduction To what extent was Imperialism the key cause of World War One ?The 19th century was witness to some incredibly powerful and far reaching change.The Balkan crisis came to its climax when Austria-Hungary decided for a ‘quick war’ with Serbia to crush nationalism and seize control of the Balkan.However, this play by Austria and Germany was halted by Russia and by extension the fight for the Balkan indirectly lead to the First World War.In conclusion, there were many other key factors, which played a large part in the build up to WWI, and imperialism was one of them.However, imperialism was not the key factor and the defining cause of world war one and only played a part to a certain extent.


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