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In order to make a meaningful contribution to theory, your concept paper must have a theoretical.

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The literature review should familiarize readers with the state of the knowledge base.

What is covered in a literature review is guided by the research questions and the variables/concepts that are embedded in the research questions.

Theoretical Orientation of a Hypothetical Case - This Theoretical Orientation of a Hypothetical Case project consists of a detailed written case summary, formulation, and treatment plan for a hypothetical patient.

Writing a Concept Paper & Suggested Format for a Concept Paper Many private foundations have always required a concept paper be submitted for review prior tothe submission of a full proposal.

Rather it is the synthesis and integration of key research related to your dissertation topic.

Its main purpose is to indicate that you are familiar with key literature relevant to the chosen research topic and demonstrate the insufficiency of existing literature and/or research findings to address your research questions.If you have statistical data, use it; numbers are always convincing. This may sound harsh, but when you are close to a particular issue, it is easy to forget that everyone does not understand the situation as well as you.Make sure that you cite or refer to what others have accomplished relative to your project orresearch so that you convince the funding agency that you are an expert on this particular issueand more needs to be done.Introduction The Introduction should include some information about the funding agency.You need to demonstrate that you have done your homework and understand the mission of thefunding agency and the types of projects that they support.The purpose of a concept paper, from the funding agency’s point of view, is to help applicantsdevelop more competitive proposals and to save time by eliminating proposals that are not likelyto be funded.The applicant’s purpose in developing a concept paper is to capture the interest ofthe funding agency and demonstrate that the idea they are proposing is worthy of furtherconsideration.A concept paper is a research paper that identifies a particular idea, rational or theory and explicates it through unbiased research methods.Be sure to include works that provide alternate or opposing perspectives on the proposed topic area to demonstrate unbiased research.In recent years federal and state agencies have begun to encourage the use of concept papers as a way for applicants to obtain informal feedback on their ideas and projects prior to preparing a proposal.Some of these agencies now require a conceptpaper be submitted as part of the formal submission process.


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